Anti-gravity Silks

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This could be the class you've been waiting for to jump start your strength and flexibility! All difficulty level options will be offered so that each student will be challenged to ensure results! Never waste your time! Commit to this workout now and reserve your rig and your new physique!

Start with an aggressive warm-up using a fabric hammock. Then move on to the strength training portion of the class! It is very challenging, but modifications will be offered, and you'll be achieving increased strength quickly! Then on to the tricks! This is where we get to have some fun! With complete instruction, learn how to flip around on circus fabric, (much like Pink in her videos!) Reap the benefits of inversion! Speed up your metabolism, remove toxins, decompress your spine and increase collagen production all while shocking your body into a whole new fitness level! This class is not recommended for you if you have high blood pressure, pregnant, or have had a recent surgery. Everyone else, drop in today for a great new energy packed fitness experience!

Anti-gravity Yoga Silks Classes in Merrillville

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