Pole Dancing

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Our pole class curriculum is progressive, encouraging all students to steadily improve and challenge themselves taking into consideration their current fitness level and abilities! All classes start with an amazing warm-up stretching ritual which increases in difficulty as you progress in your pole journey, striving to always offer you the opportunity to increase your flexibility and strength. All level students will then individually complete their personal strength training, specifically designed for pole, to prevent injuries. Then the instructor will provide the lesson plan for the day. If it is an all beginner class, all attendees will work as a group. If it is a mixed level class each group will work independently with the instructor. Once the fundamentals of the  lesson are understood, there will be practice time to improve the new skills learned. Each class ends joyfully with dance, beginners learning choreography and more advanced students will begin to express themselves through the music. This is truly an experience you do not want to miss! Challenge yourself and see just how beautiful you can FEEL!

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